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ANTODAYA's vision is to realize a society where there is no hunger, fear,injustice(arising out of the culture of silence)and diseases.


ANTODAYA belives that its vision can be realised through group action which leads to:

  • Emergence of strong village level organisation.
  • Critical analysis of the situation.
  • Having acess to develoment opportunitisese where they exist and asserting for them where they don't.
  • Encouraging marginalised sections to be more involvemed in a development process which is sustainable,socially acceptable, economically viable and technically feasible.
  • Collaboration and building partnerships with like minded institutions, groups and individuals.

To ensure people participation for sustainable development.


Our objectives fall into six main categories:

  • Promote active participation
  • Increase agricultural diversity to improve food security
  • Increase access to health and education facilities
  • Empower women to reduce their drudgery
  • Improve access to the labour market  || More..
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